WWE SummerSlam 2023 results, match grades: Roman Reigns remains 'Tribal Chief,' Logan Paul gets a big win | Sporting News (2024)

Inside Ford Field, for the first time since 2007, 59,194 fans watched a SummerSlam for the ages. From top to bottom, the show delivered when it mattered most, and by the end of the night, Roman Reignsremained “The Tribal Chief."

Detroit witnessed The Bloodline implode in a Tribal Combat match. Reigns, the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion, faced “Main Event” Jey Uso, reigniting their feud from 2020. As expected, it was an emotional affair, with the idea of family being the key story. Jey, who has fallen against Reigns multiple times, looked to change the script and almost had the fight one.

Then, a swerve for the ages took place as Jimmy, Jey’s brother, turned on him, helping Reigns win. Nobody expected that, as Jimmy was a non-factor. It is unknown where The Bloodline goes from here, but Solo Sikoa will be one to watch, especially since he refused to help Reigns after he accidentally speared Sikoa.

ROMAN REIGNS SUPREME AS TRIBAL CHIEF!@WWERomanReigns remains Undisputed WWE Universal Champion at #SummerSlam.@HeymanHustle pic.twitter.com/evOBoQ5qfw

— WWE (@WWE) August 6, 2023

The rest of the card saw just about everyone deliver when it mattered the most during a time when WWE couldn’t be hotter.

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Outside of that emotional affair, one of the top main event matches was Cody Rhodes closing the door on his rivalry with Brock Lesnar. Rhodes fought back from a Lesnar onslaught, which included multiple suplexes in and out of the ring. Rhodes completed a Super Cena-like performance which was just the right amount of spunk to continue his hot run as a babyface.Rhodes landed multiple Cross Rhodes’ for the win, going 2-1 against Lesnar. The two embraced after to end the feud. It may lead to bigger things for Rhodes, like a championship run.

In a match seven years in the making, Seth “Freakin’” Rollins defeated Finn Balor to retain the World Heavyweight title. There were plenty of mind games in this match and throwback moves, dating back to SummerSlam 2016 when Rollins injured Balor. In the end, after multiple false finishes, miscommunication from The Judgement Day cost Balor the match.Are there cracks in The Judgement Day?

Meanwhile, Damage CTRL seems to be getting stronger. Bianca Belair won back the WWE Women’s Title by beating Asuka and Charlotte Flair. After the bout, Ito Sky cashed in her Money in the Bank briefcase, winning world title gold in WWE (not NXT) for the first time.

LA Knight made an impact, winning the Slim Jim SummerSlam Battle Royal. The match may have taken away from Trish Stratus, Becky Lynch, and Rhea Ripley, but hopefully, his will lead to a big push for Knight. Now, give him his own Slim Jim commercial… YEAH!

In a crossover bout, Shayna Baszler defeated Ronda Rousey in an MMA Rules fight, the first Rousey has competed in since Amanda Nunes brutalized in 2016. It was a throwback that not many wrestling fans would understand, but old-school fight fans might have appreciated it. Baszler got the big win, in what may have been Rousey’s last WWE match, for now at least.

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Once again, Gunther and Drew McIntyre didn’t disappoint. In a singles bout compared to competing in multi-man matches, the two beat the other senselessly for the status of Intercontinental Champion. Gunther once again retained the belt and needs one more month to pass the Honky Tonk’s Man single-reign record as champion.

Meanwhile, to start the show, Logan Paul beat Ricochet in what got promised to be the most viral match in WWE history. The two landed a variety of flips and innovative moves that had the crowd on their feet. Trying to outdo the other, they got the job done and looked like a classic until Paul had to cheat via brass knuckles to win.

After the match, Paul rushed out of the arena to attempt to watch his brother Jake box Nate Diaz in Dallas.

The Sporting News provided results, match grades, and highlights from the event. Check it out!

WWE SummerSlam 2023 results, highlights

Hello everyone, and welcome to The Sporting News' live coverage of SummerSlam!

Kid Rock kicked things off by breaking down the entire history of SummerSlam.

Logan Paul entered the ring first to face Ricochet. Paul looks to compete in this match, then head to a plane to make it in time for his brother Jake's boxing fight in Texas. Samantha Irvin, the ring announcer and Ricochet's fiance, is wearing Paul's colors per the commentary team.

A Viral Win: Logan Paul beats Ricochet

Both stared at one another to start the bout, with Paul patting Ricochet's head and the latter slapping Paul.Ricochet teased a move to the outside, already kicking the high flying into high gear. They traded reversals and then Paul landed a big elbow that took Ricochet off his feet. Paul landed the chin lock to halt the momentum of Ricochet, which the crowd booed. A Rude Awakening neckbreaker from the ring apron andRicochet is down.

Paul landed boxing shots to the body, prepping for his next bout in the boxing ring. Running powerslam, a laRicochet's partner Braun Strowman. He then landed a big boot and a leg drop, a la Hulk Hogan.Ricochet with s spinebuster and a People's Moonsault. On the apron, Paul tried a Spanish Fly, but Ricochet landed one on the floor. Paul no-sold it and landed a springboard clothesline to the barricade. High crossbody and moonsault by Paul, but only for two.

Up top,Ricochet landed a Hurricane Neckbreaker. In the ring,Ricochet with a few punishing blows and a springboard clothesline of his own, followed by a moonsault. These guys are going all in on the crazy moves. A counter DDT by Paul after he missed a mid-rope moonsault and the crowd have not sat down. Knees to the face by Ricochet, and he went up tope to finish it. However, Paul countered with his knees. Facebuster by Paul. Springboard frog splash by Paul, but only for two. Superkick byRicochet and a Detonation Kick, followed by a moonsault but only for two.

Wait for it...
WAIT FOR IT!!#SummerSlam pic.twitter.com/aTqISRcuJ6

— WWE (@WWE) August 6, 2023

AsRicochet went to the top rope for the 630 Splash, Paul moved. One of Paul's friends gave him brass knuckles and he landed a punch to Ricochet to get the win.

Like Michael Cole said, the match was great, with not the best ending. Paul cheated to win, but both put on a match worth talking about. Logan Paul gets this wrestling thing, it's kind of wild he can do it all in just a short period of time.

Grade: A-

Brock Lesnar comes out next, with his trilogy with Cody Rhodes second on the card.

So nice, he did it twice: Cody Rhodes conquers Brock Lesnar

This one is personal. Rhodes attacked right away, landing two Disaster Kicks. Lesnar recovered quickly, driving Rhodes into the corner. On the outside now, Rhodes with a Suicide Dive. Once again, Lesnar powered through, using only one arm to carry him in he air. Lesnar with multiple suplex variations. Rhodes was taken to Suplex City, dropped on his back various times. Rhodes got brought to the outside as Lesnar looked as fresh as ever.

How much punishment can @CodyRhodes handle from @BrockLesnar at #SummerSlam?! pic.twitter.com/EZy6tmpOgZ

— WWE (@WWE) August 6, 2023

Lesnar continued to punish Rhodes, warning him it would only get worse. Any chance Rhodes attempted to enter the ring, Lesnar pushed him out. He landed the F-5 to the outside. Rhodes still beat the count as he looked battered. He tried to fight back, but Lesnar punished him more, landing an F-5 through the announce table. Back up, Rhodes got suplexed while also taking off the turnbuckle. Rhodes finally found momentum by pushing Lesnar through the post and hitting him with steps.

Disaster Kick by Rhodes and a Cody Cutter. Top rope Cody Cutter. Going for Cross Rhodes and Lesnar landed the Kimura instead. Rhodes grabbed the rope before Lesnar could break his arm again. Brock went into the exposed turnbuckle and locked a Kimura on Lesnar. However, Lesnar, an MMA veteran, got out of it.

"The American Nightmare" @CodyRhodes just trapped @BrockLesnar in The Beast's signature Kimura Lock at #SummerSlam! pic.twitter.com/BhquUn3nBk

— WWE (@WWE) August 6, 2023

F-5 attempt, but Rhodes landed a Cross Rhodes, and another, and another. Rhodes got the win! The two embraced after.

Every Brock Lesnar match is almost the same as the last one, but Cody Rhodes managed to make something from this feud. Rhodes badly needed a win here. While it felt like a Super Cena-like performance by Rhodes at times, it was a solid performance by both.

Grade: A-

RESPECT.@BrockLesnar and @CodyRhodes shake hands following an incredible third encounter at #SummerSlam! pic.twitter.com/7stf0mjyEC

— WWE (@WWE) August 6, 2023

The Slim Jim SummerSlam Battle Royal is next. LA Knight got the loudest ovation of the night. He was announced along with The Miz and A.J. Styles. Omos was the last to enter. There's bragging rights but nothing else to win.

LA Knight wins the Slim Jim SummerSlam Battle Royal... YEAH

Omos cleaned house, eliminating several wrestlers. The Brawling Brutes attack Omos to try and slow him down, but to no avail. Otis tried to show his skills, but he was eliminated quickly. Chad Gable, his partner, looked great in the match, eliminating several wrestlers. Rivals collided asTommaso Ciampa and Shinsuke Nakamura faced off, with the latter getting eliminated. Karrion Kross also had a few eliminations. After taking a break, Omos returned to dominating. All the wrestlers teamed against Omos and finally eliminated the big man.

LA Knight was almost eliminated by The MIz, which would have upset the crowd, but he eliminated Miz. Gable eliminated by Bronson Reed, and Knight eliminated Reed. The last three were Sheamus, Styles, and Knight. Kross distracted Styles to get him eliminated. Knight and Sheamus were left, and the latter landed a knee. Knight thought he won. He landed a belly-to-belly suplex from the top rope and eliminated Sheamus.

The match was what it was. Anyone winning other than LA Knight would have been a total waste. Hopefully, this leads to a huge push for him. Still, would have been great if this time went to Trish Stratus, Becky Lynch, or Rhea Ripley.

Grade: C-

Ronda Rousey and Shayna Baszler face off in an MMA Rules match. Going back to their roots, they can only win via KO or submission. Ronda competes in an MMA-like match for the first time since getting beat by Amanda Nunes.

MMA Throwback: ShaynaBaszler beats Ronda Rousey via TKO submission

Rousey with an arm flip and a few kidney shots, while Baszler reverses with shots of her own. The former tried the armbar. A kick by Baszler and Rousey was down. They trade punches on the floor. Running knee by Rousey to the nose ofBaszler. Rousey with a submission, andBaszler pushed the fight to the outside. Her arm heart,Baszler was down. Rousey attacked doctors, andBaszler got back up. They landed punches, andBaszler landed a suplex.Baszler tried a submission, while Rousey went for the armbar. Ankle Lock byBaszler,

Baszler with theKirifuda Clutch and Rousey was down and out.

It's deeply personal between @RondaRousey & @QoSBaszler in the #MMARules match at #SummerSlam! pic.twitter.com/LkI1gAkCxu

— WWE (@WWE) August 6, 2023

MMA matches in pro wrestling may not be everyone's cup of tea, but as a pro wrestling and MMA person, I thought this was a solid performance by both. Rousey gaveBaszler the rub in what is presumably her last WWE match.

Grade: B+

The announced attendance for SummerSlam: 59,194.

Up next is a match for Gunther's Intercontinental Title, as he faces Drew McIntyre. This one should be good.

Gunther continues dominant run as IC Champion beats Drew McIntyre in a classic

They size each other up, knowing how brutal this may be. Shoulder tackle and Gunther goes down, a rare sign of weakness. Back up, he traded chops with McIntyre, but the latter landed a headbutt. On the outside, Gunther dropped McIntyre on top of the steel steps, spine first. Gunther went back to the chops and had McIntyre on his back. MccIntyre, upset, traded clotheslines with Gunther, who ended the exchange with suplexes.

Both exchanging chops, McInytre's chest was bright red.He landed suplexes of his own and then a clothesline. Going for the Claymore, McIntyre missed, and Gunther landed a huge dropkick. McInytre landed a powerbomb and FutureShock DDT but only for two. With Gunther on the outside, McIntyre landed a top-rope hilo. The Claymore was intercepted and Gunther landed the powerbomb, but only for two. Frog Splash for Gunther but only for two.

THIS IS AWE-SOME!!! 👏👏 👏👏👏@DMcIntyreWWE & @Gunther_AUT are destroying each other in Detroit at #SummerSlam with the #ICTitle on the line! pic.twitter.com/HWtPTBEKi4

— WWE (@WWE) August 6, 2023

Gunther slapped the head ofMcInytre, which woke the Scottish Warrior up. an attempted chop was blocked. They had a chop-off, with McIntyre ending the exchange with the Claymore, but only for two. On the top rope, McIntyre tried to take him down, but Gunther landed a splash and a few powerbombs for the win.

Gunther's record reign continues, as he has one month to top the Honky Tonk Man's record as IC Champion. I do not believe he has had a bad match during this run, and fighting DrewMcInytre never hurts.

Grade: A

Same event, new result: Seth "Freakin" Rollins retains against Finn Balor at SummerSlam

In 2016, Seth Rollins injured Finn Balor, who was forced to relinquish the Universal Title after just winning it. Now, Balor looks for revenge when he faces Rollins for the latter's World Heavyweight Title. Rollins went old school with his top vest, wearing what he had when he beat Balor. Balor had "seven" on his chest to promote the seven years between the 2016 match and now. Great storytelling.

Balor attacked Rollins from behind before the match started. The bell rang and the two attempted to punish one another. An angry Balor stomped on Rollins, letting out his aggression. Rollins fought back with chops, but Balor landed a Side-Russian Leg Sweep and a Fujiwara Armbar. Fighting out of it, Rollins landed stiff shots to the blood-thirsty Balor. Going for the Pedigree, Rollins landed a Falcon Arrow instead, but only for two. Rollins landed three suicide dives to the outside.

SEVEN YEARS IN THE MAKING!@FinnBalor is out for payback against World Heavyweight Champion @WWERollins at #SummerSlam! pic.twitter.com/XvmusuHJVP

— WWE (@WWE) August 6, 2023

Back in the ring, Rollins tried to go up top, but Balor put Rollins' shoulder through the post, putting him through the pain Rollins put him through. Balor landed the powerbomb to the barricade, the same move that injured him. In an armbar, Rollins landed two bucklebomb's and a Frog Splash, but only for two. Rollins went for the Stomp, but Balor landed a dropkick and didn't land theCoupe De Grace after Rollins did a top rope Falcon Arrow.

In the center of the ring, they exchanged blows.Coupe De Grace missed, and Rollins landed the Pedigree, but only for two. Damian Priest distracted Rollins, who hit by him, then was hit with a Pedigree by Balor. Rhea Ripley and Dominik Mysterio came out. Priest wanted to use his Money in the Bank briefcase, Balor said no, Rollins landed a Stomp, but that wasn't enough. Rollins took out Priest andDominik. Balor then took Rollins out, landed theCoupe De Grace, only for two. Woo Boy!

Balor left the briefcase in the ring, and distracted the ref. Rollins landed a Stomp onto the briefcase for the win.

Fantastic match with some great storytelling. Finn Balor and Seth Rollins together is always a good thing. There may be some cracks in The Judgement Day.

Grade: A+

Asuka defends the WWE Women's Title against Charlotte Flair and Bianca Belair, two former champions.

Bianca Belair survives, wins the WWE Women's Title

Belair and Asuka double-teamed Flair, and then Flair and Asuka attacked one another. Flair and Belair finally faced off and exchanged rollups. Belair launched to both competitors on the outside. Following a few exchanges, suplex by Asuka, and both women are down as she landed hard kicks. Asuka and Belair exchanged moves before Flair landed a top-rope crossbody to both "The Queen" landed chops and suplexes to get some momentum.

Double-Natural Selection by Flair, but only for two. She tried a big boot but Asuka landed knees to her and Belair, and all three were down. Chops by Flair, she goes down after a double team, Belair went out of the ring, and Flair and Asuka went at it. Belair got back in and landed a neckbreaker/DDT combination.Spear to Flair in the corner by Belair, backbreaker to Asuka, and a moonsault got countered.

Flair with a spear but she later got caught in the Asuka Lock. Belair stopped it with a moonsault to both. Belair and Asuka got put to the outside, and Flair landed a moonsault that missed Belair, woof. Asuka got the DDT but it was broken up. Belair went for the KoD on Asuka, who countered with an Asuka Lock. Flair with a boot to take out Asuka, and Belair suplexed Flair. Belair with a powerbomb to Flair, and Asuka put in the Asuka Lock. A lot of action! Top Rope moonsault by Flair actually connected in the ring, and she attempted a double-figure-eight. Belair's knee went hard into the steps, and she may be hurt.

WHAT. A. MOMENT.#WomensTitle #SummerSlam pic.twitter.com/PHauV0b7Zr

— WWE (@WWE) August 6, 2023

The doctors looked after Belair as the match continued. Belair got removed from the match. Flair landed a spear but Asuka kicked out. Well, here comes Belair, and as Flair had the submission on Asuka, Belair hit a 450 on Flair but only for two. After some miscommunication that forced Asuka outside, Flair landed he Figure-Eight. Back inside, Asuka hit the mist to Flair, but Belair rolled up Asuka to win.

This was a mixed bag. Bianca Belair never should have lost the title in the first place. Her winning the belt back was a shock, but very rewarding. Having Flair in the bout, who needs more than just championship matches, didn't make a difference.

Grade: B

Iyo Sky cashes in, wins WWE Women's Title

HOLD ON A SECOND. Iyo Sky is out with Bayley. Sky is cashing in her Money in the Bank briefcase. She goes up top, connects, and gets the win!

What a moment for one of the best wrestlers in the world.

Grade: A+

IYO SKY IS YOUR NEW WWE WOMEN'S CHAMPION!!!@Iyo_SkyWWE cashed in her #MITB contract at #SummerSlam and we have a Damage CTRL celebration live in Detroit! pic.twitter.com/CQgHeqxrew

— WWE (@WWE) August 6, 2023

Tribal Combat is up next, as Roman Reigns and Jey Uso face off. It is a match for the Undisputed WWE Universal title and the status of Tribal Chief. It should be an emotional affair, reigniting a feud since 2020. Reigns is wearing red and black, along with the "Ula Fala" necklace, Jey wearing white.

Roman Reigns remains Tribal Chief as Jimmy turns on Jey Uso

Reigns told Jey he would put the "Ula Fala" on Jey himself if he wins. He established his dominance right away, pushing Jey back and forcing him to sit on the mat. Back up, Jey tried to find some momentum, landing a few right hands that pushed Reigns back. He landed a few kicks and pushed Reigns out of the ring, landing a suicide dive for good measure. "Main Event" Jey took out a table, as Heyman tried to reason for him, but he wouldn't listen.

Reigns woke up and attacked Jey, and whipped Jey into the steps and the turnbuckle. Drive-By by Reigns. Enziguri by Jey caught Reigns, but Reigns hit him with a kendo stick. He continued his assault while the crowd booed. Reigns tried for the definitive shot but Jey fought back, but not for long. Reigns went for the Superman Punch but Jey hit him with the kendo stick to the body. Jey unloaded, the kendo stick split from all the force he put into it. A top rope moonsault by Jey and Reigns went down. Going for a splash, Reigns landed a Superman Punch but only for two.

Spear attempt, and Jey hit him with a Superkick. Uso Splash, but Reigns just kicked out at two. Jey with multiple chair shots to the back of Reigns. Bringing out multiple chairs, Jey had something in mind, while Heyman pleaded. Up top with chairs below, Reigns halted Jey's momentum, if only for a brief moment. Reigns powerbombed Jey onto the chairs. Grabbing another table, Reigns tried to push him through one, but Jey landed a Samoan Drop on the outside.

THROUGH THE TABLE!!!#TribalCombat #SummerSlam pic.twitter.com/OYkkquXawA

— WWE (@WWE) August 6, 2023

Jey has a strap and whipped Reigns. Going into the crowd, Jey got attacked by Solo Sikoa. He put Jey through a table. Reigns and Sikoa carry Jey to the ringside area, like a sacrifice. Continuing their attack in the ring, Jey was defenseless. Going for a double-team move, Jey moved and Reigns speared Sikoa.

SPEAR! SPEAR! SPEAR!#TribalCombat #SummerSlam pic.twitter.com/xL2rRZXgEo

— WWE (@WWE) August 6, 2023

Spear by Jey to Reigns but only for two. An enraged Jey attacked Sikoa and Reigns with a chair. Sikoa recovered and landed a kick. Reigns asked for help, but Sikoa wouldn't after the spear. Jey speared Reigns through the barricade. Sikoa and Jey got into it, and Jey landed a splash to the former through the table. Jey speared Reigns in the ring, and landed a splash, but only for two, as Jimmy(!) turned on Jey. A confused Jey got speared through a table by Reigns for the win.

The match was slow to start, picked up in the middle, then was a mix of both in the end. More of the same from Reigns in his matches, though the rivalry with Jey helped. Jimmy turning on Jey came out of nowhere, and was a mixed bag online. What happens now?

Grade: C-

WWE SummerSlam 2023 results

  • Roman Reigns (c) def. Jey Uso in a Tribal Combat match for the Undisputed WWE Universal Title
  • Iyo Sky def.Bianca Belair (c) for theWWE Women's Title
  • Bianca Belair def. Asuka (c) andCharlotte Flairfor the WWE Women's Title
  • Seth "Freakin" Rollins (c) def.Finn Balor for the World Heavyweight Title
  • Gunther (c) def. Drew McIntyre for the WWE Intercontinental Title
  • Shayna Baszler def. Ronda Rousey
  • LA Knight won the Slim Jim SummerSlam Battle Royal
  • Cody Rhodes def. Brock Lesnar
  • Logan Paul def.Ricochet
WWE SummerSlam 2023 results, match grades: Roman Reigns remains 'Tribal Chief,' Logan Paul gets a big win | Sporting News (2024)


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